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【Lunch of the Month】 (Noon) Renewal OPEN Special Lunch 【2,300 yen equivalent ⇒ 1,580 yen (excluding tax)】

By using a coupon1580 yen

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  • 6items
  • 140persons


◇ Today's appetizer

◇ Hida beef broiled sushi

◇ Freshly picked vegetable salad

◇ Hida beef special selection frost burning

◇ meals you can choose (one from the following)

· Setsuki Hana Bibinba (order for 2 people ~)

· Tanaka Yutaka Japanese cold noodles

· Rice & miso soup

◇ Homemade apricot tofu

※ There is a case when contents are changed by purchase.

Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

2018/08/06 update